Sunday, September 30, 2007

First Rain

Today i didn't do much of anything except but walk through the rain to go and get a cup of coffee, make lunches for the week, and watch the enormously chickflicky flick, Evening. Yet another Michael Cunningham project about 2 guys and a girl in a love triangle and being at the beach with charmed and tragic queers. Claire Danes is crap.

But the coffee was good. I went to Ken's Artisinal Bakery, a place in my neighborhood that got written up in a NYTimes article that several people forwarded about the Portland foodie scene.


edward said...



i wish i could say 'welcome to the left coast.' but, alas, i have transplanted (for now) to chicago. do me a favor and hold down the coastline 'til i get back.

(i'm switching from my berkeley email account to this one:

Anonymous said...

tex - read the book, the book is lovely, the movie is dreadful. - bethness

Anonymous said...

Hi Sister,

I choose to comment on the first rain. i love you Tex Clark. i am sure every one you know thinks of you as a sister, but I'm the lucky bastard who got all the childhood concusions. I guess you got a couple, too. My little world is all easy buttons and golf shirts, and you are out there somewhere completing your orientation and waiting impatiently so you can get back to defending the constition. I don't know where you find the time to be so great. But I'm glad I was able to see the critics release before you got out of Texas. Even if it cost me a couple chipped teeth. I hope you packed your guitar. Your brother, Sloan T