Thursday, September 20, 2007

Take me down to lezzietown

Broke the seal, people. Tonight I was invited to a fundraiser for Siren. Its like a ladyfest sort of thing with the Gossip and Mirah and a bunch of local folks that I haven't seen but I bet I'll like.

So anyways, after work i took the train and the bus up to the northeastern part of Portland and went to this amazing house that is totally gorgeous and restored to the nines and gigantic and an investigator from work owns it. I met a whole lot of people who were all nice and welcome to portland. tons of snacks and wine and a big fireplace in the backyard that had all these geodes set into the brick. lovely, lovely women and their friends and even a little concert in the living room. terrific.

And when i got home at about 10, how weird/cool/macabre is this: I just checked my mailbox at this microscopic sublet I'm in and i had junk mail in there addressed to Elliott Smith, Apt. 207. Did he live in this microscopic sublet as a Portlander? is that why it smells like E minor chords? almost beats my Harvey Keitel TV guide that Alexis gave me.

And Rebecca gets here Saturday afternoon. Looking forward to that. What if I pack her into the car straight from the airport and take her out to this (from the local paper Willamette WeeK):

Like to buy regional food, see breathtaking views and eat free pears? Well, I know one family farm that is making all your dreams a reality. It's the Rasmussens, and they're throwing a two-day Pear Party event on their Hood River farm. These people are going all out: There will be live music, free food, wine tasting by Hood River Vineyards and a monster of a corn maze to lose yourself in. Be amazed by the variety of pears that this community has produced (more than 16 varieties). PAUL DIRKSEN. Rasmussen Farms, 3020 Thomsen Road, Hood River, 541-386-4622. 9 am-6 pm Saturday-Sunday, Sept. 22-23. Free. Visit for more info.

I think we should go to that, yes? Out into the country for pears and wine!

i want to get closer to that mountain.


Anonymous said...

pear it up for the pair. and have a good weekend with your other half!

Brighten_the_corners said...

We missed you last night!!!

Amy Turn Sharp said...

Yo Tex. I am amy- Kate's friend. Congrats on new excitying adventure for you both! I look forward to reading this blog!

Rebecca said...

Quoth the other half: hell yeah!
Let's lez-out and eat some pears!