Saturday, September 22, 2007

Let's Try This

Rebecca gets here in a few hours. I woke up early, planning on taking a walk to the farmers market. but before I go I thought I'd try my hand at putting Mp3s on this here website. If you didn't know, you can ctrl click or right click on the links and if it works right, you can download these for later use in itunes or whatever. or you can just click and listen. You know how i love obscure bits of pop.

Rocky Vololato - White Daisy Passing

Above, this is a Portland guy. He's going to be playing a show with Jesse Sykes and The Sweet Hereafter on halloween that I want to go to. Its just a soft and dark little song that maybe sounds sort of like bright eyes or sufjan.

Tom Jones - Thunderball

I am ever fascinated by this song. What is he saying? What is a thunderball? is it a verb? Can one be thunderballed? is that a good thing? Please advise.

Tender Forever - Hot

I don't know much about the woman who made this song but its a heavy rotation tune for me. Its especially good if you have headphones or a good stereo set up because things happen in different speakers worth hearing. I think she's coming out with a new record. i think her name is Melanie. i think she's one of those lo-fi record-it-in-bed types (which I totally love). She's on K records, which is sorta local because its up the road in Olympia, WA. This is what she looks like:

Oregon Girl - Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

I have had this song around for a couple of years, and sort of like the lyrics to Judas Priest that will allegedly make you kill your family if you listen to it backwards, this song makes you move to Oregon if you play it frontwards. So be careful before clicking on it unless you want to move here.

And this next song? You might want to turn it up real loud and use it as your weekend soundtrack. That's what i'm going to do. This time of year makes me nostalgic for my college music and Pavement is such a keeper.

Pavement - Frontwards

Hats off to Kevin for reminding me about Frontwards. He referenced it on the music blog he contributes to, Mondo-NYC.


Alexis said...

Hi Tex! Loving the Blog. I just split my sides laughing about the Harvey Keitel TV Guide. Museum Guy likes your blog, too!

Don't forget to check out my fave Portland band, Blitzen Trapper. If I haven't sent you tracks, download "40 Stripes" and "wild Mountain Nation", which is off their latest album.


Jen said...

yes, yes and more yes.