Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Freedom Fighter Zone

A great day for the Federal Defender. My office's former client, Brandon Mayfield, has sued the government over the Patriot Act. You may have read about Mr. Mayfield. He was the muslim Oregon lawyer that the gov't accused of being involved with the Madrid train bombing some years ago. Turns out he was perfectly innocent but in the meantime, the gov't put him through total hell. Well today the federal court here struck down key provisions of the patriot act in his case and people in the office were pretty elated about it. (the picture in the link features Mayfield and my new, and so far as I know extraordinary, bossman). Maybe there is still such a thing as the U.S. constitution.

I also got to talk to one of the lawyers in the office about litigation of prisoner rights cases. I used to do some of that at the Ohio Public Defender and I'm hoping to get back into it. Disability issues, sentencing credit issues, and we'll have fun fun fun until daddy takes the t-bird away.

After work it was all about the pinball. Portland is awesome for pinball.

Now I'm going to watch Bionic Woman and go to bed.