Monday, September 24, 2007

I am a lonely dwarf hamster

Rebecca and I had a terrific action packed weekend together on her way-too-short visit to Portland. We played lots of games, went to the Japanese Garden, drove around, ate amazing things, celebrated our two years of unholy matrimony, and basically acted like the little freaks that you know we are. We didn't get to go to the pear thing by Mt. Hood because of wretched plane delays. but we had our fun, and conducted important research.

What we now know:

1. Portland is a pinball town.

2. Clyde Common sells champagne half off on sundays (which happened to coincide with our anniversary dinner).

3. US Airways will let a violent drunk man on the plane and what happens in Vegas does not always stay in Vegas.

4. Hybrid cars are cool and drive just fine up in the hills. But flexcars are an expensive way go get around.

5. Pork belly is tasty.

6. Nickel arcades still exist here (with skeeball) and when Rebecca comes back we are totally going to rock and roll glow in the dark putt putt.

7. (and most importantly, as told to us by a woman on the light rail) there is such a thing as a dwarf hamster and if you only have one it will get lonely. It needs a friend.

And even though Rebecca hadn't left yet I had to go to work today. And when I got there I was feeling fine, no problem, and then my legal assistant (the tall and talented Jennifer) asked me about my weekend. Out of nowhere I started crying because Rebecca was going to go back away and I was overcome with sad. Jennifer held me. My new legal assistant who I really don't know at all let me cry in her arms because I was sad because I missed rebecca who hadn't even left town yet. Rebecca was just several blocks away in the microscopic apartment, surfing the internet for lesbian community events and possibly news about urban chicken coops.

which leads us to:

8. i might be PMSing.

Today I also got to go to the courthouse again where I was introduced to the district court judges, magistrates, and various court personnel with the other new attorney hires. I kept my composure. My bossman distributed a little bio saying that I went to Antioch. In Columbus, one of the judges went to Wittenberg, and knowing my beleaguered alma mater's reputation, he ordered the U.S. Marshal to have me immediately drug tested when he found out where I went to college. he was kidding, but these judges seemed ok and nobody even joked about making me pee. They passed around cookies because it was one of their birthdays. I also met the U.S. Attorney for the District of Oregon, Karin J. Immergut, who seemed alright for a prosecutor who I am sworn to zealously fight to the teeth.

Afterwards, bossman took me and the three other new attorneys for chinese. He told me he grew up in a commune/community designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Its called Usonian Homes and its in Pleasantville, NY.

And then, after one last dinner at a great peruvian tapas place, we got on the red line max train, went off to the airport, and that was it, at least for the next three weeks.


Jen said...

i know this is technically a comment about yesterday's music-filled goodness but i thought you could use some answers after yesterday.

thunderball, as i suspected from the crazy-dramatic bond-esque horns, is from a '65 007 movie by the same name. maybe you already know this but, just in case:


katekatenegotiate said...

cookies and shoulders to cry on and hamsters and good food. you are in heaven.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was particularly funny that the woman was talking to her hamster when she was leaving the lightrail car. She looked at me and said "don't worry, I'm not some crazy lady talking to myself."
See? She was totally sane. Not talking to herself... talking to a HAMSTER.
- Rebecca

chthy said...

Remember when you took me to see the bats? I think I was right there with you watching those vaux swifts orbit the chimney. I used to watch the birds swirl around over starr avenue when I lived on west second. except they'd descend upon a nasty cat's cradle of electric and telephone wires.

Remember the sugar glider? do you think the sugar glider and the dwarf hamster could be friends? maybe get one of those thumb-sized spider monkeys to hang out with them. can you image a gang of super tiny fuzzy bangers? now I know what I'm going to dream about tonight.