Saturday, September 29, 2007

Japanese T-Shirts and the Virginia Reel

Went to a queer square dancing event tonight. Several notable items: I squared danced with Shayla. It is more of a workout than you would imagine. There was a qualified square dance caller there that taught all the punks and bicycle people and lesbians how to square dance beautifully. It was quite a scene in this old union hall or church. They had a jug band. After the square dance they had a cake walk. I haven't cake walked in a real, real long time and sure enough, I was the first cake walker eliminated when the music stopped. I didn't want it as bad as that 12 yr old with the two mommies. He never gets sugar, only those little seasame candies and occasional rice dream.

so back in columbus, in the house, in the medicine cabinet, I had a photograph of a butch girl with this great look on her face wearing a t-shirt that said "I dig chicks." Before this, in my last apartment, the same photo was up and its basically been a daily image for me for about 9 years. Guess who I saw dancing at the hoedown? I recognized her from the picture and sure enough it was her, I asked, her name is amber and she's a very good square dancer. I told her that I looked at her picture every morning for 9 years and she was ok with that. RANDOM.

After that we went to this super portland-loves-japan party for a japanese sportswear company called uniqlo. free triangles of rice and vodka drinks and lots of good and suprisingly affordable art.

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Rebecca said...

Awwww dood, I SO wish I had been there! I was too pooped to polka last night at the octoberfest, but had I been with you, I betcha you would've gotten me out of the house & on to the dancefloor!