Thursday, September 27, 2007

Movie Night

Went and saw Deep Water tonight. File under man vs. the sea and himself documentaries. A so called "classic tale of English daring-do" about a race around the world by solo sailing vessels beginning in 1967. I recommend it, though it is probably in very limited release. I do love a seafaring story but I can't bear to tell you what happens in case you see it because it is very suspenseful.

Portland has a kagillion little movie theaters.

Also had dinner with Paul, Joe's brother, and his super cool girlfriend Kristina. I think this weekend I'm going to rent a bicycle and ride around Forest Park.

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Dan said...

Hi Tex,

Geeze, it's a small internet out there. I stumbled on your blog from "Arbitrary and Capricious" the other day. I'm a recent law graduate in Portland about to start a job as an appellate public defender, and my wife and I live about half a block from Chapman elementary (where you saw the swifts). We're also midwest transplants, having moved out from Michigan three years ago. Welcome to Portland!