Tuesday, November 13, 2007

the drambuie den

ok i saw this thing on line for a free cocktails and snacks thing, something involving drambuie, and rebecca loves drambuie, so i rsvp'd and we went and it totally kicked ass. it was this big dark club and all these fancy model looking people giving out really good free cocktails, and then other model people handing out cups of ceviche and little hamburgers and all sorts of foodie things like duck confit and scallops and it was GRATIS. they kept bringing us cocktails on trays, drambuie a million ways and then all the sudden it was like hotel california but we could leave. and we did, away from the free liquor and high end appetizers, out into the night (grabbing a gift bag of free schwag on the way out). I looked on line and they did this in Columbus at Mynt (?!) in july. columbus gets all the cool stuff first. don't forget it.

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