Saturday, November 3, 2007

team dresch 4-ever

Got to see Team Dresch last night at the
Wonderland ballroom. My favorite moment of the show is when Jody was bantering about something that happened to them in Europe when they were touring with Bikini Kill "back in the day" and then she just stopped and said that this show beat the pants off of all those "back in the day" and that it was kicking ass right that very second. Seemed that way to me. They played all the stuff off Personal Best, one of the great rock and roll records of the 90s, and some new stuff too. Rebecca made me dance on stage with her when they made an invitation to do so. That was a little nervous making because I was the half of the couple that night that did not have the tequila.

the reason being for the tequila-free evening was because this morning i had to take the godforsaken MPRE, which is the multi-state ethics portion of the godforsaken bar exam. haven't had to do that in 10 years and boy did it suck. I have no idea if i passed. I know they tried to trick me. I hate that, when they try to trick you: is it beige, tan, taupe or all of the above? My only comfort is that rebecca had no idea if she passed and she did of course so maybe i will too.

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Diane said...

I was at that show, too and it was wonderful! I guess I must have seen you too if you were on stage. I was a middle-aged person banging her head in the crowd. Welcome to Portland by the way. Diane