Tuesday, November 20, 2007

hipster grocery

We went shopping for thanksgiving goods this evening over at New Seasons on Division in the Southeast. Hipster grocery store, though it didn't cost so much like whole foods or anything. it was just that everyone in there seemed to be real cool. the youngs, the olds, the staff. And they were so nice in that Portland way. We got a monster 23 lb turkey from the Diestel Family Farm which came with free potatoes and chicken broth! 20% case discount on wine! i love america!

But of course on the way there we had to stop for dinner and pinball (difficult, punishing machines). We went to Gil's Speakeasy which we decided is our favorite dive bar so far. Friendly scruffy barkeeps, kind of in a basement, great 60's pop playing not too loud. Shuffleboard. v

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