Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ecola State Park

We just got home from spending a day on the Oregon coast. Wow. We drove out to Hwy 101 from Portland and went to Ecola State Park. We got in free with the parks pass generously gifted by the Columbus gang. It was a sunny clear day and the waves were crashing 10 or 12 layers deep off into the horizon. There were brave surfers in their wet suits catching the short waves in the cove. Huge piles of volcanic rock strewn across the beach, intermixed with big cables of sea kelp and driftwood. Among the rocks and bolders, hikers looked out at the ocean and the setting sun. It looked a lot like the Houses of the Holy album art.
i had the oddest impulse to disrobe on the beach, an idea rebecca quickly talked me out of. i am writing it off as natural beauty/led zeppelin related.

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