Sunday, November 18, 2007


Had a great time this weekend because the dashing Billy came down from Seattle and we walked our shoes off our feet on saturday night, met up with some old Yellow Springer friends for brunch, and were essentially up to no good (whereas the sweet and diligent rebecca has been sewing all weekend). Finally crawled down into a basement called the Ringler's Annex which they say looks like a hideout for the French Resistance if the French Resistance was really into tile mosaics. The other good thing was getting a new CD, i really haven't bought one in forever, but I got a box set of a band called The Wipers which were a big deal in Portland back in the day, and who i had never heard of until recently when they were playing the vinyl in a shop and I said, "wow, who is this?"

Mystery - The Wipers

Son of a Gun - The Vaselines

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