Sunday, May 4, 2008

Alternate Universe(ity)

What if Antioch was a well funded liberal arts college instead of a decrepit and mismanaged heap of bricks? The rabbit and I took the bus down to Reed College last night. We have a friend on faculty who invited us to come over for the Renn Fayre. It has nothing to do with renaissance fair, instead its an annual three day party they have to commemorate the end of the term complete with fireworks, music, all sorts of strange installations set up on the commons and general mayhem. It gets kicked off when the seniors hand in their final papers and then burn the notes in a big fire in the middle of campus. Tonight Girl Talk is going to be playing to close the whole thing out. We wandered around the heavily decorated campus and I was amazed by how opulent the place was and how much money the school plowed into this party. At one point they threw hundreds and hundreds of glow sticks to the kids, free food was everywhere, and the vibe was very cool. What if, indeed.

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