Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Portland is Ninja Friendly

Just so you know, the mayor of Portland recently declared the town a ninja-friendly zone. So that means its okay to move here if you are a ninja. or a samurai. or a perpetual adolescent with a weird thing for swords. Letter from the mayor's office, as reported by the Portland Mercury:

Dear Mr. Wood: Thank you for emailing about the samurai you observed on a motorcycle. Mayor Potter has asked me to respond on his behalf. I can appreciate your concern. By all appearances, the samurai is not breaking any laws (including carrying a sword) and does not pose any immediate threat. Provided that the samurai does not engage in threatening behavior, the samurai is welcome in Portland. Sincerely, Jeremy Van Keuren, Public Advocate, Office of Mayor Tom Potter, Portland, Oregon

On the other hand, Columbus is not that into ninjas, albeit for good reason.

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