Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Orleans Music Overdrive

Went out carousing with able running buddy Gordon tonight. We started off at Lafitte's Blacksmith Bar, the oldest bar in north america, so they say, since 1779. Its a dark little decrepit place with a piano. From there we made our way to Club 300 where we lucked out and saw trombonist Delfeayo Marsalis and a bunch of other musicians who are quite well known in jazzworld according to Gordon. All I know is that they were really good and played a bunch of standards that i knew by Miles Davis and Ellington. Very classic and really amazing. Invigorated by our musical outing, we decided to hit the Maple Leaf Bar to see what was happening there. What a great little venue. i was totally rocked by Guy Forsyth. He scratched that tingly itchy itch that did not get very rocked at Sasquatch. that was great, don't get me wrong. but the good stuff was pop, not rock. And if there is such a place as purgatory, Death Cab for Cutie and Matt Costa may very well provide the soundtrack. So it was nice to be truly and seriously rocked by Mr. Forsyth.

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