Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ra Ra Riot

Going to see bands that you haven't heard before is like mining for gold. Even if you like them already it might be a crappy show (though i must say they don't tend to phone it in in portland like they lamely tend to do in the great continental interior). But i digress. Tonight i went to a show at the friendly neighborhood rock club the Towne Lounge, a former funeral home where the stage is the late great casket display area. i showed up to see a band called the Little Ones and they were okay but were totally shown up by the best new band i've seen in a while called Ra Ra Riot. I hit the mother lode. They played their first song and i turned to my friend, in tiny rock club, and said "they are going to be famous." and he said, "yeah." But that all depends on whether they get along, and get the right breaks and a bunch of other factors, but yeah, if all goes well, they are going to be a hit. So look for them. Imagine two women driving the show on violin and cello. and then a bunch of guys playing and singing who look like they just rolled out of Math Club and who are so precise with their musicianship. i hate to use derivatives but its a moderately useful convention. so imagine final fantasy meets the strokes. more or less but totally original and SO GOOD LIVE. And apparently they are coming out with a real record in a couple of months. Right now its just the ep and a tour. Godspeed Ra Ra Riot!

Ra Ra Riot - Each Year

Ra Ra Riot - Dying is Fine

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Raul! said...

You're right about Ra Ra Riot, but the Little Ones are beyond OK.