Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Kate or Cindy?

Isn't that the eternal question? Since i was a wee lass, I have pondered it. The light sexy fun of Kate Pierson or the dark sexy fun of Cindy Wilson? After seeing them live tonight, I am no closer to an answer. That Kate was so groovy and dancy and that Cindy was so cool and rockin out. The show was totally sold out and the B-52's completely worked it. i was persuaded to pony up for the pricey ticket after reading Carrie Brownstein's blog about the new album being good and the band being great. And at the show I did indeed have my Sleater Kinney moment. 2/3rds of the band were there, though weirdly located away from the crush of the sold out masses down in the smoking lounge watching on closed circuit. they don't seem to be smokers, so i think it was a crowd refuge thing. I said hi in my spastic way, said I read the thing she wrote about the band. she said "I hope it works out for you" in the please-go-away voice and I beat it. My ego can take it. Okay. And the crowd was indeed weird. It was a bunch that would have been perfectly at home at a Dave Matthews show. I guess with the planning ahead months in advance and the entry fee, the grown-ups ran the table. i think i expected it to be gayer, but then just because the B-52s are a gay band for me doesn't mean they are for anybody else. just as silly as showing up at a Clay Aiken show expecting queercore. But boy was it fun to be in a huge room full of people singing My Own Private Idaho and Roam. The Cosmic Thing record came out when i was at the end of high school and I wore that disc plum out. So now they've released a new one and i've heard that its good for the getting. Fred Schneider barking, “Tell your skirt to take a hike,” and Cindy Wilson singing, “I’m your day-time waitress at the Taco Tiki Hut/I’m your day-time waitress, here’s your stupid 7-Up.” I mean really, can't i have a nice record to drive around with the windows down and reminisce about 1992 gas prices?

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