Thursday, May 1, 2008

From the archives

about a bazillion years ago, I made a hour long documentary about women in music and politics called Radical Act. It showed just a very few places, but did get into the big les and gay film fest in LA called outfest in 1996. i got to fly out for it and it was at the Director's Guild of America and i felt very glamorous and this was long before I actually glamorous, back in my awkward school days. I found a few little traces of Radical Act's existence on the web, including in a compilation that Miranda July used to put together called Break My Chain Letter which was a video zine. ANYHOW, a friend dusted off her old copy of the movie recently and encouraged me to put it on DVD and get it out there as a little time capsule of what was going on in 94-95. So I submitted it to the Siren Nation film festival here in town and I hope it gets in.


hason said...

I was just talking to someone about Radical Act earlier this week! yes HELLZ YES get that gem transferred to DVD, I want a copy.

katekatenegotiate said...

i think that radical act should be featured on vh1's "I love the 90's", really only for the footage of lynn breedlove swingin' her fake dingaling on stage (isn't that in there?). THAT i'd love to see again. also vintage kathleen hanna before she became julie ruin--and richy rich. purest riot grrl stuff ev-her.