Friday, October 12, 2007

A Bike and a Band

I am having difficulty involving the new bicycle. It isn't working properly. When I downshift, the chain slides all the way off the back gears and locks up. This saddens me, especially when I am trying to downshift on a hill and then I have to get off and fix it, get my hands all greasy, and start over. Bikes should work better than this. So very chagrinned that I took my bike into the shop tonight, the shop where i bought it, and they fixed a busted spoke but didn't fix the gear problem. thought they corrected it, seemed fine when it was up on the grabby thing they fix bikes on. but I pedalled away, downshifted, and was screwed again. I'm taking it back tomorrow and I'm going to make them ride it and tell me what in the heck. that's just what I'll do.

Also today involved house hunting. tomorrow I am hoping to look here and here. Debating the spend-more-for-fancy-condo-to-feel-like-a-queen vs. live in the old quirky places to which I have become accustomed. Since I have to carry the mortgage in columbus still, being conservative with the funds seems prudent. but oh wouldn't l like to see what a 7th story loft is all about. Must remember that whereever we live will be where we study for the bar exam. Rebecca and Tex. Confined space. Stress. Maybe square footage and doors that close ought to trump altitude and sleekness. The libraries close at 8. Where will i study? Where will Rebecca hide from my squeaking noises and outbursts?

After bicycle expletives and laundry, walked a few blocks over to The Towne Lounge. A very charming little rock club, barely anyone there, great layout and this 70's pillowtop underlit ceiling that put off a nice glow. Saw two bands i didn't know from adam but they were both pretty good in their idiosyncratic way. The Gingerbread Patriots and Petracovich played. The first was a twee pop eightiesish band that did not seem like they were trying to be ironic. Which is distracting if you are listening to them because its real twee y'all. The second was basically this one girl Jessica Peters with a backing drummer. She played piano and sang. Lo-fi Fiona sort of, or like catpower meets a quiet ben folds. Not exactly my thing but her piano playing was very impressive and suited to the little lounge with the candles on the table.


Scott said...

go fer the bungalow~

Tess said...

People should read this.