Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I need to get busy

Ok well today was day 10 on the new job and I seriously need some clients because I'm getting a little hinky. i have a list of orientation tasks and I've done a lot of them but since they aren't case-based its hard to stay focused. focus is an elusive commodity for me, oh so fleeting. which leads to dawdling, which makes me hinky (nervous, self doubting, guilty feeling). tomorrow is a new day. tomorrow i can focus. I'm going to be in bed before 11, rest well and get serious. and talk to some people and find some clients.

I did have two nice discoveries after work, however. There's a swanky restaurant in the Pearl called Ten 01 and i went there to make a dinner of their happy hour special. a very good local cheese plate and marcona almonds and a glass of wine for not very much but too much for one person, turns out. Great after work spot though, but the specials stop at 6. Next time I go with somebody.

After that i stopped by the zine store Reading Frenzy which is almost all zines and heaven if you are into that sort of thing, which i am. Incidentally, Reading Frenzy was the set for the very funny skit that Shayla showed me this weekend on utube. It's Carrie Brownstein from Sleater Kinney and Fred Armisen from Saturday Night Live and its called Feminist Bookstore.

Must confess I'm on a terrible movie bender. I just can't help myself except to rent or go to the theater to see insipid junk. I don't know what's gotten into me. To try and shake it off, I re-activated netflix and i am hoping the films of warner hertzog will break this ugly c list spin cycle and make film at least inaccessibly dark and fragmented and subtitled, instead of peptobismol milkshakes of contrived drama. Like an Andie McDowell retrospective that never ends. Light a candle at the altar for me, would you?

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katekatenegotiate said...

Yes, Thunderant! The new website has a few videos. I heart Carrie Brownstein. And is that Alexis Arquette in the bottom photo? Thanks for the posts.