Wednesday, October 24, 2007

People are nice here.

A very productive day at work. I think tomorrow is going to be another one, and then one after that. I still only have a handful of cases but they are starting to cook. I'm still feeling around in the dark about the people part (who to call to make things happen), but the law part is coming together.

I am getting regular updates on the westwardly progress of Rebecca.
Since Denver, she's hit Bryce Canyon, some arches, The Grand Canyon, and Hoover Dam. Last time we spoke she was headed down into the glittering lights of Las Vegas. Next stop Death Valley. I have been preoccupied with Death Valley since I was little and it was featured on The Twilight Zone. Never been there, want to go. Rebecca is enjoying driving so much that she says she will drive me around the world given the chance which I find terribly romantic. Or maybe she will get an orangutan like Clint Eastwood.

I had a great lunch at a vietnamese food cart near my office. Portland has a vibrant food cart scene. Some are semi permanent and there are several websites dedicated to them.

Decided to go to a get together hosted by Metroblogging Portland, a group of bloggers who keep track on interesting Portland happenings. And they gave this blog and my dear midwestern readers a shout out. We met at the Green Dragon, a soon-to-be-brewing brew pub in a converted warehouse on the east side of the river. For now they had beer geek beers and if you are a beer person, then this is where you want to be. Heck, the guy from beerdrinker dot org was even there. He was very nice and encouraged me to go to see the local soccer team do their best this sunday. They were all really cool people.

Afterwards i walked most of the way back home and stopped to pee at The Doug Fir Lounge. Until moving to Portland I realized hipster was a condition but I did not appreciate it was such a dangerous one. At the Doug Fir, you can actually die of hipster. So i left right away and went home. I saw a sticker on a bicycle trailer (yes they even have bike trailers here, and not just the kind for babies) that said This Machine Kills Hipsters. Not exactly Woodie Guthrie.

Music for you: Woody Guthrie - Going Down This Road Feelin Bad


divebarwife said...

So glad you came out Tex! I hope you and Rebecca will love Portland as much I have learned to - and that we'll see you again soon!

hason said...

to me Doug Fir (not the venue, rather upstairs) is like an LA conception of Portland. if that makes any sense.