Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pre-Halloween Fun

I was a park ranger. Rebecca was the grim reaper. She didn't have a scythe, she had a tall boy. And a creepy black hood that covered her face and glowing red eyes like a jawa. We ate dinner at The Country Cat right at the chef's station where we could watch all the cooking and then went to this great house of a work friend on Mt. Tabor. Hung out there for a while, met nice people, went to another Harry Potter themed party in the northeast. Stood around a firepit in a great back yard. My knees got cold because i was in shorts because I was a park ranger. the man of the house put on a furry cheetah costume and danced around the fire. We told people we were going to drive towards the mountain tomorrow. the lady of the house told us to go to timberline lodge. we did.

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