Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Getting Rhythm

Big day at work. I was on "duty" which means all the new cases that came in were mine. Two new clients out of the mix and I covered something for a colleague. Good to be back in the ring. After work i finally made it to Ground Kontrol, a grown-ups arcade with lots and lots of pinball and vintage video (think Qbert and Tempest) over by Chinatown. I rocked the Star Trek machine.
After that I went to the Saucebox because Shayla was DJ-ing a late-ish happy hour. Shayla is a really good DJ, people. All vinyl and unexpected and delicious. I met a guy in a band called Caves at the bar. I had to leave early (school night) but I will be back next tuesday if Shayla is spinning.
Music for you: The Heartless Bastards - Searching for the Ghost. This is a Dayton band, great to play up loud on an afternoon at home while you are puttering around. Speaking of Ohio, click here.

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Jen said...

how much am i loving daily music from tex? a LOT.