Sunday, October 7, 2007

Weekend in Seattle

Took the train this morning from portland to seattle. it left THREE HOURS LATE it didn't mess up my day at all and was fine, but who's ever heard of such a late train. There is something positively eerie about 100 people sitting on old benches in an ancient train station waiting on their ride, by the way. like we are all sending our asses to hell. luckily, it was just seattle. Aside from the tardiness, rail travel is a national treasure as far as I'm concerned.
Once I got to seattle I hooked up with dashing Billy. We had conveyor belt sushi and danced to a great DJ at The Pony who was all about mashing up The Fall and The Slits. mmmmm. also went to a fun indie-rock brewery showcase featuring the bands BOAT and The Elephants. Plan to hook uo with Danielup for brunch.

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