Saturday, October 13, 2007

Something tells me I'm into something good

Ummm.... I just had a really great series of events. Let's list them:

1. I found the Best. Apartment. Ever. Totally different from the sort of place I'm used to living in. Totally different part of Portland than i thought I would move into, was even thinking of. But the following criteria are met:

a. can walk to work
b. less that 500 yards from MAX stop (the train thingee)
c. two huge porches
d. fireplace
e. 1000 sq. feet
f. less $ than the compromise places i was looking at on the east side of the river
g. covered parking
h. best part? built and designed by owner who is an architect and lived there himself for 7 years. made it all architect-y. If you were there, think of Shawn's housesitting gig in old beechwold but up on a hillside surrounded by huge trees. Kinda japanese modern. walls of windows. wired for music. lots of closets.

I am disappointed that I can't show you pictures. But the good news is he took the ad down so that means I think he's going to pick me, its a done deal.

By the way, finding an apartment in Portland is a little like roller derby. Just while I was at that apartment, four other people/couples showed up to look at the place. when I looked at other places it was the same story. they set a time and multiple people run to the showing. I had to act fast, it wasn't going to last the night. I think rebecca and I are going to be remarkably happy there.

Ok and the other part is that the apartment is in Goose Hollow up the street from a Porsche dealership. People who know Portland may be rolling their eyes. Yeah, no one is going to confuse it with a punk house, but my, my is it beautiful. and really accesible from other places on account of the Max line being right there.

2. The second thing that happened after that is so cool I can't write about it yet because I can't do it justice this late at night. So I'll tell you tomorrow.

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