Sunday, October 14, 2007

Brand Upon the Brain

Went and saw Branded upon the Brain this afternoon with Shayla at the 21st Street Cinema. We walked into the dark theater and a large string ensemble was down in front. There were also three noisemaker/foley people, Calvin Johnson from K Records, and a real actual castrato singer. The band and foley people played the music accompanying the silent film and Calvin Johnson narrarated and the castrato occasionally piped in (indescribable). I think I especially liked it because even though it bore layers and layers of process and story it made perfect sense and was also funny even though it was about stealing spinal fluid from orphans.

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mc said...

yea we saw it the other night too w/o the live band (but on a nice, clean 35mm print) w/narration by isabella rossellini which was funny even during the fluid extraction. rare & good flick to see on the screen.