Sunday, October 21, 2007


The most important thing that happened today was a constant downpour of rain that I walked in. And my shoes are bullshit shoes and so my feet were immediately wet and so I went to the shoe store and bought proper portland shoes (Keens). i threw the bullshit shoes in the trash. now i am ready for whatever the portland climate throws me.

And in the afternoon i went to a lovely potluck of indian food in the Brooklyn neighborhood. i was invited by my friend Terry from antioch and i met all manner of interesting people including a professor of medieval history studies and an editor for Cooks Illustrated. All the people there had toddler children except me and my womb ached. psyche. no it didn't at all.

AND THEN i went to this great party, silent auction fundraiser sort of thing for Bitch Magazine which just moved to Portland from SF. There was alot of great art for sale and I did some bidding but was beat out by the big girls. Fine, i got art already. And i ran into this flock of christian scientist kids, one of whom went to high school with rebecca. so random. it was boy girl couples, but I'm pretty sure the girls were bi (saw them at the lez dance later on). they invited me to go to church tomorrow morning because one of the guys is going to be doing a guitar concert. small world.

AND AS IF that were not enough, I bumped into some other girls at the Bitch thing and they took me dancing at Gay-cation. A big dance party at Holocene. Wall to wall good looking women. hundreds. it was overwhelming really. Portland is for the ladies, people. For serious.

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